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    Golden Flower

    Golden Flower


    $ 68.00 $ 58.00


    light gold , rose gold, brown 

    This 3"x4" hair accessory holds most hair types and lengths: long, short, thick, thin, fine & curly


    Color description: Dark brown crystal flower shaped center piece with light Golden Swarovski crystals and stainless steel  beads. 

    STAINLESS STEEL - 💦 waterproof

    Recommended* Use a towel with a little soap and water to wipe the teeth of your Kool Kombz carefully .  Once a month or more often depending on how often you use it. This will keep your combs from bending and will make it last longer. 



  • Crystal Swarovski Elements & Stainless steel make this updo hair piece stunning and super durable. Select from Different color combs !
  • The double combs don't break, don't give you a headache & they don't slide out of your hair
  • The combs sit flat on your head unlike other hair claw clips, so you can lean back on it comfortably
  • This natural brown color is perfect for a simple splash of color to your wardrobe especially around the holiday seasons. 
  • Looks best when the comb color is closer to your own hair color. So make sure to select the right color of the comb for your hair color 


    Included: Luxury Velvet Bag



    Easy, Stylish, Comfortable and Durable

    for all types of hair

    HANDMADE with 2 rubber combs. These combs are the best: they do not break, instead they are soft and bendable , they do not give you headaches and they are flat on your head, which allows you to be comfortable while driving, leaning on a sofa or even falling a sleep with them on.
    We use a power cord to string the crystals with. The cord has been tested for 5 years and we give a warranty on it. It is super strong. Warning: do not have rings on while putting the combs on, so you do not hurt the power cord. The size of the comb is perfect to help hold layers in as well.
    We use SWAROVSKI crystals in all of our designs. This style is made with Stainless steel beads which is more durable and is safe in water. So this can make a beautiful hair piece for the beach this summer. We have been a proud partner with Swarovski since 2014.

    You can have a gorgeous French twist, a Ponytail or Half-up/Half down style in just SECONDS !

    Check out this customer testimonial video:


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