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    THIS HAIR BUN HAIR ACCESSORY REALLY DOES HOLD ALL OF YOUR HAIR ALL DAY: Women with thick hair always thank me for bringing Kool Kombz to the market as they have not found anything that can hold all of their hair up. The rubber combs interlock so securely that they will hold your hair up all day without having to redo it. The power elastic cord helps gather the hair nicely and holds it in place.

    RUBBER COMBS***: These combs are made out of rubber, so they are softer, than metal, plastic or wooden combs & they don't break or cause headaches, unlike the others. They are super comfortable, durable and will not give you a headache. YOU CAN SLEEP WITH THEM ON: The combs are shaped to your head, they have a curved shape and you don't have the butterfly clips on the back, which allows you to comfortably lean back on your car seat, desk chair, lay on it and you can even fall asleep in these bun hair clip on. IT SAVES YOU at least 1 HOUR EVERY DAY: When you don't have the time in the morning to blow dry or curl your hair, a hairstyle with #KoolKombz takes less than 2 minutes.

    THE MONEY SAVER: In average women spend about $2500/year on hair products (shampoos conditioners sprays hair dryer extensions straightener different clips for women and girls growth removal etc. ), cuts, blow outs and styling. Having Kool Kombz will allow you to wait on a hair cut may be 2 or 3 times a year, hold off on the styling at the salon may be 2 or 3 times a year, may be buy 1 less styling tool and since this is a muti-function hair accessory and has at least 3 different ways of styling your hair (and you can experiment for more styles), you'll save on ton of cheap claw clips too. So a one time investment in a KOOL KOMB can save you about $1000/year (Hair cut: $108/each time (that's with tip), good hair dryer: $100, Blow outs: $125/each, updo: $80/each +cheap plastic barrettes: $50).

    IT WON'T SLIDE OUT OF YOUR HAIR: Women with thin/fine hair never believe me when I tell them these combs do work on any thickness of hair. Well they do and, again, it is because of the elastic cord and the rubber combs that grip so well. No More clips with Broken teeth : you can bend the rubber teeth, but you can not break them, vs. the cheap clips from Walmart, CVS or other stores that break on the same day or after several times of using it. Reason 8 It lasts you for years: This accessory is handmade in USA with silver plated beads and Swarovski crystals, that don't loose their shine over time and the elastic has been tested for 4 years now and it doesn't lose its elasticity. And it comes in a Luxury velvet case that will help protect the KOMB. SAVES YOUR HAIR, HELPS STOP HAIR LOSS: When you use rubber bands or other plastic clips, often it pulls your hair and damages them. With this hair bun holder you are safe, no pulling or damaging your hair. UNIQUE, ONE OF A KIND: They are unique and probably you'll be the first one wearing it within your group of friends. We try to limit the quantity so yours always stays exclusive.