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    Bamboo Black Basketball


    $ 28.00 $ 23.00

    This 3"x4" hair accessory holds most hair types and lengths: long, short, thick, thin, fine & curly


    Color description: Died pink color wooden and natural white color wooden beads 

    NOTE* don’t use hair spray on it and try to keep it away from water. Color of the pink wooden beads may leak if too much water gets too them. 

    Recommended* Use a towel with a little soap and water to wipe the teeth of your Kool Kombz carefully without getting the wooden beads wet. Once a month or more often depending on how often you use it. This will keep your combs from bending and will make it last longer. 

  • The double combs don't break, don't give you a headache & they don't slide out of your hair
  • The combs sit flat on your head unlike other hair claw clips, so you can lean back on it comfortably
  • These wooden beads are very lightweighted. They are great for every day use. Everyone has to have one, from children to adults. 



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